Monday, January 11, 2016

Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Boat

Welcome to Mobile Nom’s new blog which we will use to keep you updated on all the exciting happenings going on in the food truck community as well as highlight various food trucks.

Since the blog is new we figured we would use our first post to talk about a new food truck.
Or in this case, food boat!

Kevin and Lori Heenan have been serving up delicious ice cream at their parlour, Sugar and Spice, on Route 51 in Baldwin since 1988. In 2015 they started up one of the most popular food trucks in Pittsburgh this summer, Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Truck. 

Kevin fell in love with Pittsburgh’s rivers at a young age. His family owned a boat and he would spend his time water skiing and tubing. This August, Kevin was hanging out on a friend’s boat near The Point watching all the activity that was happening on the river and realized that selling ice cream off of a boat would be a great addition to the three rivers. After discussing it with Lori, they went and purchased their boat. 

Kevin and Lori are looking to start serving ice cream out on the water this spring. They are currently finishing up the remodel of the boat, which will have serving windows on both sides of the boat so they can pull up to the banks of the river and serve right through the windows. In addition, they will have ropes available for boats tie off on allowing them to serve customers right on their boats. The boat will also be able to drop anchor in the middle of the river and have boats come to them.

Since they have already conquered land with their ice cream parlour and the ice cream truck, and now they are looking to conquer the sea with the ice cream boat I just had to ask: “Any plans on having an ice cream plane that flies ice cream directly to us?” Kevin confessed “That could never happen. I am deathly afraid of heights and planes. The plan is to keep my feet on the ground and my toes in the water.” 

That is a pretty good plan. 

You can find more information about Sugar and Spice at their website:

And make sure you follow them on:

…and yes, you will be able to track the Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Boat on Mobile Nom


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